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Goal Getter Support Group


Accountability-Strategy- Execution

Hey Women In Bloom! The support you've been looking for is finally here. The Goal Getter Support (GGS) Group is here to bring together women who are dedicated to the process of seeing their heart's desires unfold. Let us admit it- the execution process can be an emotional roller coaster. As you embrace the process, you may discover that you are an over-thinker, become overwhelmed easily, lack focus, scattered brain, are fearful, lack consistency or you might allow life to throw you off track. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and this group is for you. 


Each GGS session will be led by a certified life coach who specializes in goal setting and execution. Your life coach will take a group coaching approach to assist you in overcoming blocks that interfere with the manifestation of your goals. There will be idea-sharing and strategy assistance. No dream or goal is too small or too big.

Personal Goals

Goals that are personal to you and you only. For example, your self-care goals will be listed here.

Business Goals

Your professional goals are here, including entrepreneurs or aspiring business owners.

Family Goals

Goals that you set for your family

Life Goals

This is where your BIG Picture goals are.

Spaces are minimal. 

Meetings will begin January 2022 twice a month.

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