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2023Still Standing Brunch

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Still Standing Women’s Brunch. This year’s theme is Healing the Foundation, and we have decided that this one is personal! So instead of a panel-style conference, we are curating a safe space for women like you to come together, build a community, pour into one another, network, heal, and, most importantly, have a damn good time! 

We want to facilitate a real discussion around motherhood, the foundation of it all. How it has impacted us in three phases: the undeveloped child, the growning woman, and the nurturing mother - aunties, godmothers & sisters are totally welcomed and wanted as well. 

We need you, sis! We need your voice, your perspective, your lessons, your wisdom, your energy, your testimony, and your story. Cheers to collective healing

Note: Address to be forwarded upon purchase. 


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